ASPI Layer

After reading through the forums I now see that Nero 5.5 installs its own ASPI Layer. Like the n00b :eek: that I am I downloaded Adaptec 4.70 layer and installed it. I have not as yet installed Nero 5.5 I am running Win XP Pro. Will this cause a problem with Nero? Is there a way to uninstall adaptec’s layer if it will cause a problem?


no there will be no problem probably.

Probably you wont have any problems, i have currently installed ASPI 4.60 and using 3 different burning applications without having any problem.

The version you have installed has been reported to create some problems though, so if in the future you experience any, you’ll know where to look first. Since now it is all running fine though, i cant see any reason being worried about it. :wink:

I just installed nero 5.5 and the update 5.5.0015 it shows the 4.70 ASPI Layer by adaptec as corrupt but Nero’s aspi layer as working fine. I hope this don’t cause problems when I make my first burn.