ASPI Layer?

Which is the best for win2k? And will it work with most burning programs without conflict?

Here too, the search was a tremendous help:

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W2k doesn’t have a proper aspi-layer, so I would suggest you search for forceaspi.

using aspi 4.60 build 1021 with win 2k

works well for me. never had any problems with this version.
all burnproggies that i have works good with this version too.

Using Win2K and Nero, there has never been any reason for me to mess with ASPI. Are you having some particular problem you are trying to correct?

Yeah I am, certain things like ClonyXXL and a few others do not work at all without the ASPI layer installed. Once I install it I have problems with certain burning programs, sort of like ASPI layers conflicting or something

You do not have, by any chance, Direct CD (Roxio) and InCD (Nero) installed do you?

No, I have never used Roxio or InCd, why is that? I had InCd about a year ago installed because it came with the drive, but never used it and got tired of looking at it in the taskbar so I nuked it. I never had any problems whatsoever while it was installed though/

ClonyXXL has an option about finding out if aspi layer is installed properly.

ClonyXXL : options -> aspi drivers

I don’t think that Clony has problems working with any aspi driver.