ASPI layer

Does anyone knows any free ASPI layers other then Adaptec’s and FrogASPI ?
Just trying to understand my options…

Don’t forget Nero’s but it is copywrited?

It rather depends what applications you’re using whether ASPI is required. As for Adaptec’s, what’s wrong with that anyway.

Nero’s ASPI is a free download so not an issue using it I’d guess.

[B]rolling[/B], yeah, Nero’s is copyrighted. and commercially they only allow to use it with their software, which no longer works with NT.

[B]tim[/B], we want to use it with cdrtools in commercial app. Adaptec’s works great, its just we need it asap, but to use it we’ll need to wait for their approval and after renew the approval every year - thats the terms of use. and FrogASPI doesn’t work with NT.

[B]flamey[/B] , thanks for the explanation.