Aspi layer..4.70 and winxp

I am using 4.57 aspi…I do not recall installing this on my winxp system…since the version I have backed up is 4.61??

anyway…I d/led daemon tools and saw they had the 4.70 version of adaptec aspi layer and it can be installed on winxp…is this advisable…

I know this is not a clonecd question but before I screw up my system I figured I would check with the guys who know???

To be honest, I have version 4.71 installed already.:slight_smile:

oh so there is a version beyong 4.70(maybe they had 4.71…can not remember for sure…I am at work)

I have no trouble with it in Windows XP and Clonecd, Nero and EAC.


NO problem with 4.71 and Win XP, here either ! :wink:

The only concern with Win XP is the there is a good tendency that the IDE bus speed fluctuates back and forth from UDMA 2 to PIO which is a major head ache to get it back to UDMA 2 which is only possible in the system with Raid for the obvious reasons.

updated the as[i…but I have not burned anything yet…system is stable at least