ASPI installed or not installed properly - aspichk

I downloaded aspichk.exe somewhere. It tells me that ASPI is not properly installed. I assume it is older because it recognizes my OS, Windows XP, as Windows NT. I then downloaded ASPI from The aspichk.exe included with that says that my ASPI is fine. Is it that the older one didn’t see it properly? Is my system fine? It also says I have aspi32.sys and wnaspi32.dll. The included drivers are aspixp.sys and wnaspixp.dll. Do I need to upgrade for my programs that use ASPI to work properly?

unless u’re having problems, don’t worry about it. otherwise, u can just reinstall ur aspi layer.

hi all,

i ran aspi check and all is ok, yet clony doesnt recognise it, why is that ? i have windows me and aspi 4.60