ASPI info?

I have an Adaptes SCSI card driving a SCSI DVD-ROM. It is using Adaptecs ASPI layer. I see some DVD test programs out there that require the 4.6 ASPI layer. Can I go ahead and load these also without having any problems.?

Also: I have some Ridata DVD-R 8x diske that make crappy copies PI/PO test, even at 4x. Are these cheap/bad discs? My Verbatum 4X -R make fairly decent ones

In my opinion, you should install the latest ASPI layer from Adaptec that supports your operating system. Be careful to properly install the XP version if you are using XP (read the install notes). If other programs do not use the Adaptec ASPI, they should install their own version in their own folder. That way it will not interfere with programs that need the Adaptec version.

Honestly the most stable and tested ASPI layer is 4.60. Thos new ones like 4.71 are known to cause problems, so if you want to make sure you have ASPI 4.60 installed, I suggest you look up a program called ForceASPI. I don’t forsee any problems as a result of installing it.

As to Ridata and Verbatim discs, it is important to realise that name brand means nothing. You have to give the media code (which usually identifies the real manufacturer, unless it is a counterfeit,) so we can comment on the type of media. The media code can be found through tools like Nero CD Speed, DVDInfoPro, and various others.

Guess I’ll install the 4.60(ForceASPI) downloaded it last week. If it screws things up I guess I can uninstall it. I believe the old Adapted SCSI card uses the ones built into Win XP, so that should not be a problem to reinstall, I hope!!!