ASPI in Vista?

What’s the word on ASPI in Vista? Does Vista even have an ASPI layer? Is there any reason to install an external ASPI layer?

Should I install the Adaptec ASPI like with XP, or what?

windows 2000 and higher use SPTI (build-in) which does a good job , ASPI is unnessary imo its only usefull for windows 95/98/me

Hmm, I remember having to use ForceASPI on XP for some reason. I don’t remember what the issue was, but from then on I just go into the habit of installing it.


some programs use spti , others use their own aspi layer (like nero) , and some lets you choose between spti/aspi , but theres no software for win2k and higher that actually requires aspi to work , and theres really no performance diffrences between spti/aspi so i really dont see a need to instal it

Actually, Nero no longer uses ASPI.
There are some programs that do require ASPI, and some that will install it without user input. Whether any of these will run on Vista is another question. More often than not, given any version of Windoz, installing ASPI causes more problems than it solves.

as i alredy mentioned,nero uses its own ASPI layer (Wnaspi32.dll) , just look at various burn logs in the nero forum…

[B]edit[/B] ok you got a point there :bow: , nero does come with its own aspi layer but uses it only if win9x is detected

Might be worth looking at Frogaspi (not actually needed / used it myself).

According to the FAQ, it would appear that Frogaspi could be thought of as an ASPI to SPTI translation layer, and may well be less problematic than ASPI’s that work below that level - though clearly, if an application offers SPTI or ASPI (like Exact Audio Copy), it would be better to just go for SPTI.

i found a solution. download the win32.dll file from and put this file in C:\adaptec
after the file is there, any program that asks you to install ASPI will succeed :wink:

Any name of such a program that wants you to install ASPI layer in a Vista computer?

you can install windows xp stuff and it usually works fine

Wavelab 6 Requires ASPI it’s a PITA