ASPI...I'm confused should i worry?

After running Nero Infotool the following
infomation was displayed for SYSTEM ASPI :-
WNASPI.DLL 21504 bytes April 7th 2003
ASPI32.SYS 4.71(0002) 16877 bytes July 17th 2002
WINASPI.DLL 4.60(0021) 5600 bytes July 17th 2002
WOWPOST.E… 4.60(0021) 4672 bytes July 17th 2002
ASPI installation is corrupted.
For NERO ASPI installation is ok and working properly.
Do i need to worry and if i do how can i repair the SYSTEM ASPI?
Another thing where can i download the correct ASPI with
instructions on how to install?
Thanks in advance for reading this and for any replies that may


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Personally, i have no aspi installed whatsoever and have not run into problems (except SmartRipper keeps buggin me that there is no ASPI available).

You can get Adaptec’s ASPI drivers here.
ForceASPI can be found here.

Although ASPI is not necessary in XP, there are some proggies that need it to work. If you have any of these programs install you might wanna re install the ASPI layer.

I suggest ASPIv4.60 which has never caused me any problems. Search through google for it, or you can visit the link in my sig for it, but i warn you its a popup paradise if you dont have a popup killer installed.

Thanks Guys,
As i’m not having any problems i’ll follow your
advise and not install ASPI. If i do encounter any problems in the
future i’ll take the appropiate action to rectify the situation.
Thanks again.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.