ASPI error while ripping

Hi there

I repeatedly encounter a problem when ripping CD’s to my hard drive. The ripping process starts ok and fast, but for the higher track numbers the ripping fails. I have tried both iTunes and Audiograbber. The latter is able to rip more tracks, but still fails on the last one or two tracks. I then get an ‘ASPI error’ message. Analog ripping works fine. The problem occurs with CD’s that are relatively long (e.g, 78:03 play time). Does anybody have an idea how I can prevent the problem?

I am using a Dell Dimension 8400 Computer with a Pentium 4 3GHz prozessor. The DVD+RW drive is a Philips DVD8601.



The closer to the outer edge of the CD you try to read the harder it is to read. Does your ripping software allow you to select the read speed? If so, you should select a slower read (rip) speed.

iTunes does not, but Audiograbber does, and I had success with speeds of less than 12x. Thanks, RichMan.