ASPI Drivers?

I keep hearing about ASPI drivers and that they may be beneficial in burning or reading cds. What are they? How can i get them? Are they only for particular drive models(ie manufacturer specific)?

Very good info on aspi in “Clone down and dirty” thread here…

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Which ASPI is the best? I use WinXP PRO with and AOpen 1640 PRO DVD and a TDK 401248X drives.

ASPI File Layer system. Install it! If you have Win2K or XP you will have issues. These Two Sites are a good read. More from here

ASPI is now free and has been for most of 2002:
Use 4.60 for Win9x

Install DAEMON’s Tools. Test your images for RAW-ness, without emulation, before burning! Or play them straight from the HDD. Don’t forget to RTFM

What types of issues wil i have for WinXP??

I use 4.60 with xp pro.

Would i get any advantages in raeading and burning cds? Also most importantly IS IT STABLE?? and is 4.6 the forceaspi one?

4.60 is the ForceASPI one.

ASPI is basically a set of drivers that have the advantage of:

a) You don’t need to write your own drivers for more advanced CD reading / burning functions.

b) As they are a highly universal set of drivers, they work with almost all CD burners / CDROM drives.

c) For developers the methods used to read / write CDs using standard MS APIs and libraries are different for Win9x & WinXP - ASPI commands are universal.

However, a many programs use ASPI in their early versions then later on in their life they end up using custom drivers, maintaining ASPI for compatibility with the few drives that are not supported.

…oh and Yes it is pretty stable. However it does vary depending on the version of the ASPI drivers.

In my experience the ForceASPI drivers (v 4.60) are pretty stable.

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So, they will definately work with my AOpen DVD 1640 PRO and my TDK 201248X burner right? I just want to make sure, since i don’t want to stuff up my pc :o

BTW i mainly use Nero and CloneCD. I am assuming that there will be benfits for these programs too?:bow:

Just use forceaspi[4.60] , use dumpaspi first to backup your current aspi setup then install 4.60. If you have trouble after install you can restore your old configuration this way.


Yes & No.

ASPI is a set of drivers which programs can use IF they want to. CloneCD & (I believe) Nero have options to use ASPI drivers instead of their own custom ones. For CloneCD, use the ElbyCDIO program that comes with CCD. You will only notice the benefits if a particular piece of software uses ASPI drivers. Most programs such as CloneCD & BlindWrite do have the option to use ASPI drivers if you specify. For example, BlindWrite can use Patin-Couffin or it can use ASPI.

Thanx to AtomicX and ww1912!

How eactly do i setup Nero and CloneCD to use the ASPI Drivers?:confused:

Are they ASPI drivers better than the ones they have already?

What are the Differences?

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Hmm… it looks like the option is no longer there under CloneCD 4. There used to be an ElbyCDIO program which you could use to set the drivers but not anymore. To be honest, if CloneCD works fine for you at the moment then ASPI wouldn’t bring any real benefits. ASPI is not faster or anything - the benefits are mainly aimed at developers.

I thought Nero supported ASPI… but apparently not.

However Alcohol & BlindWrite DO support ASPI

Under Alcohol, click general options and select the CD access layer drop-down box.

In BlindWrite Suite, Start BlindWrite, click “BlindWrite Configuration”, then click next, then click “Choose ASPI layer”

aaarr…i guess i will give updating aspi drivers a try. This is such a pain in the ass. My tdk drive will create a whole 700MB image in 3 mins in Clonecd, but when i use My Computer in WinXP, it takes the same amount of time to copy a 300MB File!!! WTF is the go! Since i have read that windows uses aspi, i thought this might be the problem.

Where should i get the necessary tools to update aspi? How should i BACKUP my old ones just in case the new ones totally stuff up my pc? Also, i read in a sticky that directed me to the adaptec website(sorry forgot which sticky :P) that said v4.60 hould NOT BE INSTALLED IN WINXP?

Thanx in advance

hey, i’ve got a huge problem, hope maybe U could help me…i have to install win95 into a very old computer…thing is that i had formated disk and now the comp. sees no cd-rom…says i need “aspi drivers” but i don’t even know what the hell is it and where can i get it…it’s not mine and i’m not even sure who made the cd-drive…any idea what to do apart of getting rid of that s.?

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…says i need “aspi drivers” but i don’t even know what the hell is it and where can i get it…
Please read [COLOR=blue]Guide to ASPI drivers & FP’s guide CloneCD - Down & Dirty

ForceASPI in my sig is to your service.[/COLOR]

hey…thanks, it helps a lot…U saved my ass…see U!!

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… that said v4.60 should NOT BE INSTALLED IN WINXP?

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it helps a lot…U saved my a$$

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