ASPI DRIVERS Wxp & serial ata dma problem

i have a new asus mother and 2 serial ata hardisks, 1 dvd rom read ,1 dvd writer and a hardisk ide
if i install the aspi 4.60 using , i loose the possibility to set up dma on my hardisk and dvd roms
how can i install the aspi without this problem?

why do you want to install ASPI in the first place? XP does not use ASPI it uses SPTI.

i use eac , dvd decrypter and so on
a lot of software that need to work as well the aspi drivers!

Maybe is a good idea to install the ahead aspi in wxp , coping the dll in the system32 dir

After installing Nero 6 my dvd rom drive no longer functions! it is recognised in device manager, which says it is working, but the drive itself does not read any type of cd or dvd media, (samsung sd616q) aspi have been recomended, but the forum tells me that XP pro does not use aspi. this newbe is in dire need of assistance


Both EAC and DVD Decrypter natively support SPTI, no need to use ATAPI :cool:

I have an Acer Aspire 1362 LMi with Win XP Pro, DVD Decrypter and Nero suite 6.6.3.

Everything works very fine, but after intalled AudioCatalyst 2.1 it can access a CD (to rip it and create MP3 files) only in ANALOG mode.

I’ve then downloaded the Aspi drivers 4.7.1 from Ahead but AudioCatalyst continues not to recognize them.

How can I solve this problem ???

Try “Force ASPI” Always works…I use ASPI 4.60 in WinXP Pro…Works a Treat…

Thanks a lot Scary!

Force ASPI it worked fine at first installation and now AudioCatalyst 2.1 is ok ripping my CDs digitally.

What i’ve done is take the ASPI ownload formthe Ahead site and place that .dll file into the directory of whatever program needs ASPI. So for EAC I put it in the same folder as with dbPower Amps Cd ripper when I used that.