Aspi and xp?

i cant seem to use clonyxxl under xp…how do i activate…the adaptec checker detect it…but clony cant use it

Go to download force aspi
and install the aspi v4.60 that contains. it works fine with winxp and all these programs that v4.7xx does not.

I just did and solved my problems with clony and CD-R Identifier.


I have ASPI 4.7xx installed on my WinXP and have no problems yet. What problems are there associated with 4.7xx?


Well i had the same impression myself.
If you use clonny, or CD-R identifier or other programs that does not have already their own aspi (nero, clone does his own) you should use the v4.60 to see the diference.

aspi 4.71 fix for windows xp…

tested working… for me anyhow…

Huh, pano, I am not sure what you mean. I use 4.71 with XP. Why is 4.60 better?

Do you use clonny? Click at the system pane, do you see the cdrw/dvd firmware from the clonny? (at the left bottom)

Clonny works with 4.71 if you copy paste the aspi files in the same folder. That is not needed in 4.60. And the firmware is not visible for the drives with 4.7.1.

If you have Nero installed there will be a conflict between the WNASPI32.DLL installed by Nero (normally installed in …Program Files\Ahead\Nero) and the file with same name installed by Aspi-install in the folder…Windows\System32.
Just copy the Nero version to replace the one in the System32 folder and everything should work OK.