Aspi. Again



If Nero uses it’s own aspi layer, nero’s tool says it is not installed. I have downloaded it from Nero’s site and attempted to install it with no success. It still says it is not installed. Is this a problem? Nero’s aspi layer should be installed when nero is installed but it doesn’t seem to be.


nero should install aspi layer… are you sure it didnt install? because there is two… one is system aspi and another one is nero aspi. just to make sure.


When I run the Nero Infotool, it says ‘Aspi is not installed’, the Nero version, why I haven’t a clue. I have 4.60 aspi installed, that is shown in green. The Nero aspi in yellow.


Google ForceASPI and download - read instructions - uninstall all previous ASPI - install new Adaptec ASPI, install Nero ASPI (i.e. overwrite adaptec install):bigsmile:


Since Nero and Feurio burn pretty well 99% of the time, I am going to assume that the Nero ASPI not being installed isn’t that critical. The bulk of the problems I have are with media and Nero miscalculating the burn speed. I learn from trial and error. Feurio seems to be more in-depth with testing media for correct burn speed. :cool: