Aspi. 4.712

i updated to aspi layer 4.712 from 4.6 was this a mistake? windows xp pro

to my knowledge …no

The thing is did your system work fine w/ 4.60? Hell, I switched around the ASPI layer version quite a bit before, but decided ForceASPI 1.7 (ASPI 4.60) was the most “stable”.

i havent bought any new games to back up since the change so i dont know if it hurt me or not.

i didn’t have any problems with any aspi version. But most people seem to advise 4.60.

i have this patin-couffin layer on my computer since i downloaded blindwrite trying to copy my unreal II securerom 4.8 game ,25 coasters later following all instructions i hfound on this forum i had no luck,anyway does this conflict with aspi because there is a setting in my control panel where i can test the two???

you can chose Couffin or aspi in the settings of Blindread/write

i don’t think they conflict…but older versions of the coufin driver might conflict with new versions

the panel where you can set / test the different layers ONLY affect blindwrite / blindread. I don’t think that any version of any of the two layers could somehow conflict with the other because it’s not like devices in your system, it’s only files being used by certain programs.

thank you all for your help.