ASPI 4.70 and WinXP Problems

Hey all,

First things first I am a n00b when it comes to copying DVDs (basically because I never had a DVD-ROM till about a week ago).

So since I got my dvd drive a pioneer dvp115 (i think) I downloaded some dvd-backup software and started them up. However the first thing I got was that I did not have an ASPI layer installed. So I did a little researh on the net and found I needed to get apsi v4.70 (as I have winXP) from Adaptecs website. I also gathered that I do not need ForceASPI to install this version.

The problem is that after I installed the ASPI layer and ran the aspi checker it said I only had 2 out of the 4 files (I am missing apsi32.sys and wnaspi32.dll ) installed. The dvd copying software I am trying to use is still saying I do not have an aspi layer installed.

Does anyone know why this is? and how I can fix it?

BTW the software I am trying to use is:

DUP-DVD v2.1.0 and
DVD Decrypter v3.0.0.15

Are these two programs any good?

Any help much appreciated


PS. I have searched through many postings on this forum using keywords “aspi”, “aspi layer” and “aspiy layer problems” and have not found anything to help me :wink:

I had the same problem with WinXP. I used ForceASPI to install version 4.60 build 1021 and then installed version 4.70. The ASPI check then showed that the ASPI layer was installed properly. 2 of the files were 4.60 and 2 were 4.70. I ended up going back to 4.60 because CD Mate didn’t seem to like 4.70. I’ve experienced no problems since reinstalling with ForceASPI.

i have an special xp aspi driver…but forgot were i got it

i will try to locate them again for you

aspi4.70 made some problems on my comp. also
first i used aspi4.60 again and then aspi xp when i found them

i found them:

Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses/suggestions. I will try both out when I get home from work and post my results later on tonight.

Thanks again :smiley:


LOL, of course DVD Decrypter is good…I made it :smiley:

Right, download wnaspi32.dll from and put it in your windows\system32 folder. That is the best aspi layer I have found and it has never let me down.

Do not use Adaptecs v4.7 with XP, its more trouble than its worth!

You should be using of DVD Decrypter now…the one uve got is old. will be out v. soon, it includes the much requested IFO Parsing. :slight_smile:

Thanks lightning UK,

I will try your suggestion out when I get home and hopefully will have my first DVD copied later on tonight (if I can figure out how to use your software :smiley: )


Do not use Adaptecs v4.7 with XP, its more trouble than its worth!

I totally agree :slight_smile:

hey i have dup dvd 2.1.1 full
and it works and been tested due to cd freaks constrictions i can only email it to u email me at
“Good Programs Are always Free!”

just install adaptec aspi 4.71 and everything will work fine. It will add those two needed files.

you need a aspi fix when you install aspi 4.71 on xp

I installed aspi 4.71 without force aspi or everything else(first install adaptec 4.7).Everything works as it should.

you need a aspi fix when you install aspi 4.71 on xp

where can i gat the fix??:bigsmile:

i have to look that up…

or send me a private message and i mail it

Thank you but i got it from the internet…

funny…without the fix, AudioCatalyst can work with ASPI on Windows XP. I think that Adaptec have to look for 3rd party program to test the ASPI on Win XP:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :Z