ASPI 4.60 better than 4.71?



I recently installed the 4.60 ASPI layer from Adaptec, is this better than the latest version (4.72 I believe)? It appears that the version which comes with XP Pro is 4.71. Is 4.60 still better than this, or should I restore my 4.71 layer?


yes, stick with 4.60.
4.71 is buggy it mite work ok it mite not.


xp has no aspi. uses spti instead.
460 aspi is generally more compatible with programs that need a 3rd party aspi layer to fucntion properly and recognise your cd/dvd drives. you do know that aspi is not mandatory and that most people’s PCs with CD and dvd drives and associated apps function 100% fine with no aspi ?


Yup. KISS.


Actually, I didn’t realize that. I guess there was never a point where it wasn’t installed on my machine. In fact, I’ve had XP Pro on my machine for about 3 years now and I don’t remember installing ASPI, but the files for v4.71 were in the system32 or winnt directory. Maybe I’ll try doing a killaspi to see what happens.