Aspect ratios messed up burning Ripped AVIs in VCD, SVCDS

You run across all kinds of aspect ratios.

How do you preserve the proportions when you burn SVCDs?
VCDs? So that they look like they do played on your PC screen
but on a TV ?

Ive seen PAL formats and wide screen formats that are ripped
on the net.

I download them and run them through TMPGenc.

Then I burn in NERO and the widescreen comes out squished
sideways. Or the PAL looks slightly narrowed.

Id like the wide screen stuff to be letterboxed to preserve the
wide screen proportions and PAL to look normal too and
also the variety of other weird aspect ratios people dump on the

Would something like Adobe Premiere make things like that easy?
I dont see any obvious features like that in TMPGEnc.

In TMPGEnc you have to make sure Keep Ratio Aspect is selected

Best solution is to use DVD2SVCD to convert your AVI’s to SVCD. Have a read of the tutorial here and Note 1 tells you how to get absolutely the right Aspect Ratio everytime, regardless how obscure the AVI dimensions are.

Duh ! It was simple.
Now having problems with Intervideo Mpegs.
Wont load.