Aspect ratio switching with LG RH7500

Just bought one of these units and first impressions are very favourable. Simple to set up and make region free.

My only issue with the unit is the way it handles 16:9 / 4:3 switching (or how it doesn’t handle it.

On the 7500 you can select either 4:3 or 16:9 - OK. My television auto senses format and works with all other DVD players I have thrown at it - which 5 as of now. This is my first DVD recorder.

Selecting 16:9 on the 7500. All 16:9 format material plays fine, as you would expect. Input from Freeview box (FVB) in 16:9 records/displays/plays back just wonderfully. Input at 4:3 from the FVB is displayed via the 7500 as 16:9 but is recorded as 4:3. So it’s stretched out.

Selecting 4:3 on the 7500. Programs from the FVB display fine (autoswitching between 4:3 and 16:9 ) I guess this is being done by the TV. Material recorded in 16:9 (e.g. commercial DVD, recorded info on HDD) plays back squashed at 4:3. This is annoying as you have to keep switching the 7500 unit between the two settings - not very sensible. 4:3 recordings (from FVB or camcorder via IEEE1394) play as 4:3 (as you would expext).

Anyone else seen this problem or do I have a problem with my cabling?

I have noticed that the RH7500 doesn’t handle 4:3/16:9 very well either. I used to have the Sky+ box connected directly to my Sony TV by Scart and the TV would automatically change from 4:3 to 16:9 depending on what the Sky station/picture was showing (TV set to auto, Sky+ set scart control ON).

Now though i have the Sky+ going to RH7500 by scart and then from RH7500 to TV by scart, and now the TV seems to be stuck to whatever setting i put into the RH7500 setup menu for TV aspect, it overrides the input aspect from the Sky+ box i.e. doesn’t pass it through. There should be a third option on the setup aspect ratio for passthrough from input scart to output scart.

The only option I can use is to have another scart from Sky+ directly to TV, and then have two different AV inputs on TV (from Sky+ direct and from RH7500). I don’t like having to do this, would prefer if i could just go through RH7500 all the time (the picture quality loss is acceptable).

I wonder could LG fix this on a firmware update?