Aspect Ratio problems

Having just bought the LVW 5025, and being delighted with its simplicity and quality for money, I am frustrated with everytime I switch it on, it opens into a 4:3 screen. I have a 16:9 TV which allows me to change the screen size, but having set the Liteon to 16:9 in its setup, in fact, I have tried every combination, but each time it always opens in 4:3.
Can anyone help?

I wish I could help.

Not only do i get that problem, but I am also having problems recording in 16:9.

I have been known to try and upload a few programmes on to a bittorrent site. Every time I try, all i’m told is that it was recorded in 4:3 ratio.

My Liteon is set to 16:9 but doesn’t seem to want to record in that ratio. Don’t know why. Any ideas?

The 16:9 flag is only for playback only.

However, if you record from a 16:9 source e.g. a digibox the DVD will record in 16:9 format. Unfortunately, the Liteon marks all DVDs as 4:3 (search for posts of mine where I explain in detail). You can copy DVD to PC and edit the IFO files using IFOEDIT or similar (again see posts of mine) to mark DVD as 16:9.

This works fine.

Oilman, Please can you check you PM’s