Aspect ratio problems with Power Producer 2

I’m using Power Producer 2 which works for my purpose. I d/l a movie in .avi and then produced a DVD. OK, it took forever but I was in no rush.

The problem is that the people are all tall and thin (like I wish I was) as is everything else.

I’m figuring this has something to do with the aspect ration when I play it on the TV from my standalone DVD player since on the computer, it shows normal.

If anyone knows the program, I would appreciate it if they would tell me in detail how to correct the problem step by step (screen by screen?).

Many thanks.

It seems a serious limitation of the product.


There seems to be 2 serious limitations with this software.

  1. Where is the option to preserve a 16:9 widescreen Aspect Ratio (ie. if that is the Aspect Ratio of your source file)?

The program seems to automatically author all output to 4:3, irrespective of the source file’s aspect ratio … which would be ludicrous if that is the case.

Read this Review of v2:

The comment of particular concern is:
“Another thing that surprised me was that you don’t seem to be allowed to flag your recordings as 16:9 so that widescreen recordings can be made to play in letterbox mode.”

… which means that any DVD created by this software from a 16:9 (widescreen) source file will be squashed horizontally and stretched vertically.

  1. This Software doesn’t seem to allow elementary streams (ie. .m2v files etc.) to be imported - which is the basis of any good authoring application.