Aspect ratio problem with iPod

I’m new to the iPod and am trying to convert some TV shows on dvd to mp4. Most have worked great, but a few (like Lost Season 2 disk one and Sopranos Season One disk one) have been coming out strangely. Instead of a black bar across the top and bottom as you’d expect with 16:9, the image is squeezed into a square, resulting in a lot of really tall, thin people on screen. They show exactly them same whether I view them on my iPod or on the computer screen. Any ideas?

What screen size are you choosing (on the Configure screen)?

Yes, that was the problem. I’m not sure why some things turned out ok anyway, but when I matched the aspect ratio on the configure screen to what was quoted on the dvd box, it turned out ok. Thanks.

The other shows were probably letterboxed widescreen (4:3, 1.3333 in DVDFab). The ones you had trouble with were probably (I think Lost was) true widescreen (16:9, or between 1.78 and 2.25). Glad it worked out for you. There may be settings on the iPod (zoom, etc.) that would have compensated for this effect (not sure, don’t have one).:frowning: