Aspect ratio problem with Bond Ultimate Edition DVD



Hi everybody!

I purchased the “Ultimate Edition” DVDs of the James Bond movies. I noticed that the picture seemed a bit streched vertically.
Unfortunately I was able to confirm it by comparing screenshots from my “Ultimate Edition” with screenshots of the older “Special Edition”, I borrowed from a friend.
The older edition looks fine!
I tried differnt monitors (all 4:3 though) and dvd-players. Same outcome.
Does anyone know, why that is?

Thank you!


Check the setup of your dvd player.


Thank you for the reply!

Well, I checked the setup of the DVD player.
What options exactly do you think I should be looking for in the setup?


video setup, Letterbox (LB) and so on. :wink:


I checked my settings and they seem to be fine.
With all my other DVDs (all U.S. region code 1, NTSC by the way) the aspect ratio looks like it is supposed to be. Only with this Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs it looks distorted!

I think it’s either the fact, that I don’t have 16:9 screen, 'cause these DVDs are enhanced for those or the publisher MGM f**ked it up!

Can anyone, who also owns the Ultimate Edition confirm the distortion of the picture.
Here are two cut outs of the screenshots above, which show even better that Roger Moore’s face on the left sreen is definately thinner than on the right! (Left width [B]198 pixel[/B], Right [B]206 pixel[/B], both same height 295 pixel)

If you guys think this is the wrong place to discuss this issue, I apologize, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate forum.
The people here in this forum seem to have a lot of knowledge about CDs, DVDs…! That’s why I tried my luck here.
MGM themselves didn’t answer my e-mail of course.


Some thoughts/ideas, anybody? :confused:


To be honest, some “authoring studios” produce questionable output, especially when movies are released for the 2nd, 3rd, and so on time; they get the idea too late, when customers complain about it.

But then, its to late… and they have got the money in their fat bag. :wink:


The “Ultimate Edition” of “A View To A Kill” and “Goldeneye” are cropped. The guys who restored the films “zoomed” the picture. If you had never saw these movies before you wouldn´t notice but if you already say these ones in their widescreen glory you´ll notice the difference. By your shots they also squized the image.
Below are some links to the comparison of the “Special Edition Vs. Ultimate Edition”:

Region 1:
Region 2:

Region 1:
Region 2:


Thanks chef and springjack for your replies!!

It’s a real shame that they didn’t just restore the picture quality. Instead they had to screw around with the proportions of the image and did a crappy job at it!
I was looking forward for this Ultimate Edition, because I didn’t find the Special Editions anywhere anymore (At least not for a reasonable price).
It sucks!

Thank you springjack for the links you posted. You can not only see that the picture is cropped, you can also see on most of those screenshots what I had been saying about the image being streched vertically. (Roger Moore wearing the Smoking suit and Christopher “Zorin” Walken hanging down the Golden Gate Bridge with the freaked out facial expression; just take a close look at the faces!)

Maybe I should try and complain. (Not that I think they would care)