Aspect Ratio problem when burning SVCD



SOrry for my newb question,
I am burning .avi files onto CD-RW discs and viewing them on my stand alone DVD player. The trouble is… it displays the picture with the sides ‘cut-off’ (as if it was 4:3) when I have already specified a 16:9 picture.

How can I do this?
Do I need a different program to help me? (other that Nero)

My equip:
DVD player: Mx Onda MX-DVD841
Burner: Philips DVDR160P

also sorry because i have posted something similar on the Nero forum, but that forum seems to be be reserved for people to complain about Nero 6 in general instead of solving problems.


You specified 16:9 so you’re getting 16:9 output on a 4:3 television.


hmmm…interesting. You could be right. I’ve also tried to adjust my TV to accommodate 16:9 but it doesn’t seem to work either. It may not be the answer. Could you please elaborate a little??

(cuz the DVDs I’ve made with the same program seem to to be fine when I specify 16:9 with the same set-up)


A dvd will adjust aspect for the output, depending on input.
An svcd will not.
You have a 4:3 tv, adjust output for 4:3, then svcd (480x480 or 1:1 aspect) will play properly.


yup, that was the problem. Thx for the advice.