Aspect ratio changes - sky+ -> liteon 1105HC+ -> TV

Just found this site when trying to establish whether my Liteon 1105HC+ has the latest firmware version - it’s LNMRE018*05, which by the looks of things is the latest version…

The problem I’m having is with the TV aspect ratio changing from 4:3 to 16:9 every time I either switch on the DVD player or switch on my Sky+ box. The TV is a standard 4:3 sony and bizarrely this problem only started today when I was recording some footage off my camcorder using the DVD recorder.

The Sky+ is connected to the DVD recorder by scart, which in turn feeds into the TV.

problem summary:
With the TV in 4:3 mode, switch the DVD recorder on - and the TV switches to 16:9.
With the TV in 4:3 mode, switch the Sky+ box on and the same thing happens - 4:3 to 16:9.

If I bypass the DVD recorder and plug Sky+ directly into the TV, no problems - no change in aspect ratio which leads me to believe that the DVD recorder is the problem

Any idea what setting i may have inadvertently changed onthe Liteon box that might start to change the aspect ratio on the TV? I’d like it to stay 4:3 unless i tell the TV otherwise!!

Bizarrely, it sorted itself out. I unplugged and replugged the scarts in, so maybe it was a loose connection or something…