Aspect Ratio changes from 16:9 to 4:3 automatically?

With 2 recent DVDs the aspect ratio was changed automatically on the copy. On the first the original had both widescreen and normal versions and I had chosen to copy only the widescreen, but the 4:3 version got copied.

But on the second DVD, the disc ONLY has a 16:9 version, and yet my copy only has a 4:3!

Does anyone know what’s going on?

No, and as this question is not related to AnyDVD, you should ask it in a more appropriate forum (e.g., the forum of the copy program you used).

The problem turned out not to be with AnyDVD or the copying program, but it was so strange I didn’t know who the culprit could be.

I think the problem might be in your DVD Player settings. I know in the dvd players it has aspect ratio settings, go into your dvd player settings and try to change them, if this does not work, don’t know what else it could be.