Aspect and sidebar issue




I have another occasional issue that I’m at a loss to figure out why it’s happening, sometimes when ripping a DVD (and/or HD rip of the same DVD) to XviD (Mobile option) I get am image with sidebars and the wrong aspect ratio, like:

I’ve run the very same HD rip of the DVD through AutoGK and it seems to work fine:

The AGK version does crop just a little off the sides, and is slightly taller.

Does anyone have any ideas why this happens?

It’s happened with multiple versions of DVDFab, currently using

If anyone has trouble with the embedded pictures they are also here.


I’m not sure why this is happening, but I have noticed this too and others have reported it in the forum. For me, the DVDs that this sometimes happens on are anamorphic transfers with aspect ratios of around 2.35:1, i.e. not letterboxed widescreen 1.8:1. Try selecting a screen size that more closely matches that of the movie. With cropping set to automatic, the correct output aspect ratio should be listed in the top border of the Advanced Resolution Settings screen (“cropped aspect ratio”). I have not tried this with 5085 or 5095. If you play the ones that look like your top capture with VLC Media Player and manually set the playback aspect ratio to 221:100, they look fine.



Has any headway been made in finding the cause of this?

Lately it’s been almost every movie (>90%) I’m ripping.


I have not had this problem in quite some time, and it has not been reported in the forum recently either that I have noticed. Update to the current version if you are still running 5.0.xx.