Asking too much?

Sorry, newbie question here. I apologize if this should go in the newbie forum. I haven’t had any luck, so I am geussing the answer is no, but here goes.

Do inkjet printable dual layer disks exist? I would like to be able to burn video disks that are longer than 120 minutes, but this requires a dual layer burner and I would like to be able to print labels on said disks.

Should I just keep dreaming?


You can burn very long DVD movies to a 4.7gb disk. It just needs compressing to fit. Generally if you remove extras , unnecessary subtitles & audio tracks then the compression is not too severe. I’ve had 3hr movies this way which are perfectly watchable.
To actually answer your question - I’ve no idea as I’ve not investigated DL media as it’s too expensive right now.

Alright, found an answer to my question. Now I just have to find the best price…

Inkjet printable DL disks

edited to thank Tim for his fast reply!

Expensive or what.

Be very careful about what you buy, look at the forum that relates to your burner & get views on the media as those disks are just a little bit too expensive to waste. It’s no good being able to print on badly burned disks that you won’t be able to watch properly.