Asking for questions about PLEX TOOLS and TAO



The PLEX TOOLS dose not support TAO mode?

Is it ture?

Then how could I set up to recording a disc but not close the disc?

I want to write 9 audio tracks into the disc with 9 different laser power(VariRec) by 9 times (TAO)

Every time only white one track into the disc.

How should I do or setup with the PLEXTOOLS?

Thank you very much!!!

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This cannot be done. VariRec can only be used in DAO mode as the complete disc will be written with a variable laser power. You cannot adjust this per track. If you want to try other different VariREC settings you will have to use multiple CD-R discs.


Thank you for the reply very much!!!

In fact,I just want to get this picture:

[ ²Î ¿¼ ]
¤Ê¤ª¡¢VariRec™CÄܤϥ쩥¶©¥Ñ¥ï©¤òÕ{Õû¤¹¤ë¤³¤È¤Ë¤è¤ê¡¢½Y¹û¤È¤·¤ÆBeta‚Ž¤ò‰ä»¯¤µ¤»¡¢¤µ¤é¤Ë¤½¤ì¤ËÆðÒò¤·¤ÆJitter‚Ž¤¬‰ä¤ï¤ê¤Þ¤¹¡£ µ±™CÄܤǤÏJitter‚Ž¤Î‰ä»¯¤Ë¤è¤ê¡¢ÒôÉ«¤Î‰ä»¯¤¬ÒŠ¤é¤ì¤ë¤¿¤á¥æ©¥¶©`¤Î½Ô˜”·½¤¬ÈÎÒâ¤ËÕ{Õû¤¤¤¿¤À¤¯¤³¤È¤ÇÒôÉ«¤Î‰ä»¯¤ò¤ª˜S¤·¤ß¤¤¤¿¤À¤±¤Þ¤¹¡£
χí¤Ï¡¢VariRec¤Î¥ì¥Ù¥ë¤ò-4¡«+4¤Þ¤Ç9¶ÎëA¸÷8·Ö¤º¤ÄTAO(Track At Once)¤Ç×·Ó›¤·¤¿¥Ç¥£¥¹¥¯¤ÎBeta¡¢Jitter‚Ž¤Îœy¶¨½Y¹û¤Ç¤¹¡£

How did them setup with PLEXTOORS??
Only the PLEXTOOLS can setup VariRec from -4 to +4
(nero only -2 to +2 with Premium,I have used VariRec from -2 to +2 with TAO mode successfully [5 tracks in all] by nero ,but in PLEXTOOLS I finded no choice menus about TAO when VariRec is enabled . Why??? ):confused: :confused: :confused:


The meaning of this paragraph is :

PLEXTOOLS can use TAO mode with the Premium VariRec from -4 to +4 But I can not find where to setup by any way.

This is a part of the history of PLEXTOOLS:

PlexTools V1.05 released on 24 May 2000
Bug Fix:
CD Copy: incorrect detection of free diskspace
CD Copy: jumper settings not correctly displayed for PX-R412C (print/save)
CD Copy: reading ISRC codes could return the RID instead
support for PX-W1210A
support for BURN-Proof
support for High-Speed CD-RW media
CD Copy: UPC and ISRC can be copied via image file
CD Copy: 4-channel audio tracks can be copied via DAO
CD Copy: full support for loading and creating standard ISO files
CD Copy: CD-Text Editor
CD Copy: Refresh All/Eject/Load options for selected drive
CD Copy: Option to start new/next/extra session
CD Info: status of AIN, DMA, Sync Data Transfer and Disconnect settings
AudioCD Maker: new function
DAE: Wave filename includes artist and/or Track Number
CD Copy: increased blocksize to 26 sectors to improve writing of CD’s with many tracks
CD Copy: Improved reading of gaps, ISRC and UPC
CD Copy: TAO replaced by SAO
CD Copy, DAE: Smooth progress bars
CD Copy: CDExtra + CDText
General: ‘no cd’ icons
General: helpfile uses compiled format

And this is the official description about VariRec:

Article ID. G00009

What is VariRec?

Plextor’s VariRec, introduced with the PX-W4012TA CD-RW drive, is a “Variable Recording Function” that allows the user to adjust the laser power for the lowest jitter, resulting in better sound quality and increased playability and compatibility with existing CD players (home, auto, CD-ROM drives). Starting from a default laser power setting determined by the drive’s evaluation of the media, applications that support VariRec allow the user to modify the laser power slightly up or down to produce the highest quality audio recording. VariRec writes CD-DA on CD-R media at 4X (and 1X on the PX-W4012TS) with either TAO or DAO.

I don’t understand
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Could you help me?
Thank you very much!!!

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I was wrong!!

I have come to Japan and went to the PLEXTOR’s factory to ask this question.You were right!This Picture ONLY can be created by the equipment of PLEXTOR’s factory .


Ah, ok thanks for reporting back. I was sure that it could not be done but I was beginning to doubt when you showed the image.