Asking for Cracks!



I have noticed an increased amount of dumbasses in here…asking for cracks
and other images to illegally copy games.

I hope i can speak for all the legitimate users in here in asking them to piss off
and stop wrecking this forum with your sadass requests.

Feel free to comment


Well i agree with the first bit, not to tell them to “piss off”. When someone asks for a crack/illegal material, the mods direct them to the rules and close the thread. I feel this is enough.



Take it easy bud. Like the other guy said just tell them “no” or better yet since youre just a member here hit the report post button.
Just because someone asks for a crack doesnt make them a child molestor. Besides I would use cracks some times so I dont have to keep switching discs in my drives when I want to play a game, that way the original stays nice and safe in its box. Chill!!!


Besides the legalities, how is using a crack any different from making a backup? The ethics are the same. I have no problem with cracks personally but can understand why requesting them, or linking to them shouldn’t be permitted on the forum.


Very true.


They deserve all the abuse they get. Whether it be a “piss off”, or a direct warning. They should know about the rules, as they aren’t that long to have read when SIGNING UP.


The idea being you are making a back-up of your own game. A crack is usually a method of obtaining a way to get a new reg key or to not require one at all - something you wouldn’t need to do if you owned the game.


If you read the guidelines, it is against the rules so that is that. It is also within the guidelines to simple report the post and not rag on the poster. The admins. have said many times that they prefer to deal with problem posters themselves.


im testing image posting ignore this post