Asking a way to flash a IOMEGA CD-writer (Plextor 1210TA OEM)



Hollow, everybody!
First, please forgive my pool English.

Now I have a IOMEGA CD-writer and it is a Plextor 1210TA OEM
I’m searching a way to flash it become a Plextor 1210TA

I had searched google and I use the way to flash it,

The google way:
It just change one part of the newest PLEXTOR firmware’s ini file:

Before: Inquiry=PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W1210A;
After: Inquiry=IOMEGA;

This is the way and I can flash it was succeed.

This is an imperfect way, beacuse the device’s name still IOMEGA ZIPCD3840INTA so that Plextor’s software didn’t recognize it.

Then I searched google again, there is a way to change the name, but I can get more information.

Can some body help me?


[B]This is the data I found:[/B]

[B]Iomega ZipCD 12x10x32 Plextor OEM - Can the Name be Changed?[/B]



I am not sure if there will be any way to change that name. And the drive is quite old, so there will be almost noone that has ever tried that, even here on this forum it might be impossible to find a solution. :confused:


It was there ^^, but now it’s gone.

The requested URL /comp/iomega1/Name/ was not found on this server.