[ask] Where can i get Firmware GSA-H42N?



Hi, all…

I want ask about DVDRW LG GSA-H42N. Because i search in all LG website no information about this drive and especially the firmware too.

So, i want ask where i can get firmware for this drive?Official release or not?

Thanks All


Welcome to CDFreaks, fk_master1 read this thread carefully so you understand how to crossflash to RJ11. I have been using this FW for about 1 week and I like it better than RL00 here is a link. You can not flash back to RL00!! after flashing to RJ11.


What a good news!
Did this FW work on LG GSA-H42L SL00?


You would probably lose your lite-scribe if you use this firmware!


Will someone make a hack for H42L?


yep i am waitin also for this:)