Ask to px 716



which means it if the green LED flashes by the Plextor 716.


I’m not sure but I think it’s just when the drive recognize the disc,
while reading and when buffer underrun protection is working :confused:


flashing under what conditions? a self-diagnostics test? inserting a disc? burning? pls elaborate.


The manual states Buffer underun for steady Green on and Yellow/Green/Amber blink for Auto Srategy but mentions nothing about Blinking Green Led??


sometimes when i insert a disc(cd-r) and 1 timel after burnung


these are for the PX712, but i will go out on a limb and assume they’re the same for the PX716:


what do you mean is it defectly?

when i reboot there is nothing more flash,but sometimes it come back,but not so is however not frequent.


it flashes 8 times,