Ask for help driver(s) GCE-8481b

Hello all,

I’m from The Netherlands and I have a question: my CD-RW type GCE-8481b doesn’t work because there should be a driver ? Who can help and tell me how and especially what to do? And, is there a possibillity to obtain that driver for free at internet ? Thank you in forward.

P.S. I asked this question in the Newbie-forum too. Sorry moderator when that’s double and not allowed you can remove the question in the newbie-forum.


Try this link for the latest firmware of your drive:

i used same driver for 3 years. and there is no need to install a driver or firmware. there must be something wrong with your hardware.

[QUOTE=GrG;901074]Try this link for the latest firmware of your drive:[/QUOTE]

Hi, is there an updated link for this? My driver is corrupted and I can’t find a new one. thanks

Hi and Welcome!

please follow the advice given here: