[ask] DVD-R or DVD+R more better for DVD-Video

DVD-R or DVD+R more better for DVD-Video to play in DVD player?
I have been tried to make DVD-video with DVD-R TDK and DVD writer Sony DRU 820A ( I have been updated firmware to 820A_10C ).
But the result in DVD player isn’t good.


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I like to use DVD+R and set the booktype to DVD-ROM (if your Sony burner supports that, there should be an option in your burning software).

Some players will play both -R and +R, without even needing to set +R to DVD-ROM, my Philips standalone will.

You don’t mention: your standalone player (it might be a picky one), and what you mean by “the result in DVD player isn’t good” - does it even start to play, do you get stuff like skipping/freezing etc?

These last two details will help pin down if it’s the media or format (-R vs. +R). :wink:

Definitely need to know just what you mean by this.

Is the media TDK -R 16x media? If so it sucks and I have also had skipping and playback problems.

My opinions is that any well burnt DVD will work fine regardless or bitsetting. Bitsetting will only help a player that refuses to load and - or + R media because it’s not ROM. It has nothing to do with preventing skipping and playback issues.

Simple solution is to use some verbatim or taiyo yuden discs instead. Also, if you don’t want to do that, try some slower speeds on the TDK, eg. 6x 8x 12x instead of max speed if you are burning @ max speed.

Which is why I asked the OP to clarify - he/she hasn’t returned to say what they mean :slight_smile:

As mentioned, that problem would probably be rectified by burning slightly slower and/or using better media.

In Pioneer player, my disc can’t be detected. In LCD appears NO DISC.
In other player, the playback in the middle of the film always skipping and freezing.
I burnt my disc with speed 8x.
Can I setting bitsetting to DVD-ROM if I using DVD-R?
What is OP?
Sorry, my english isn’t good. Because english isn’t primary language in my country.
Can u understand I mean?


You could try using different media, e.g. some Verbatim/Mitsubishi or Taiyo Yuden DVDs.

Can I setting bitsetting to DVD-ROM if I using DVD-R?
No, bitsetting only works with DVD+R(W) media.

What is OP?
Original Poster - the person who started the thread, in this case that means you.

Sorry, my english isn’t good. Because english isn’t primary language in my country.
Can u understand I mean?
Your English is perfectly understandable as far as I’m concerned. :flower:
Many users here don’t have English as their first language, myself included.

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Ok TDK = shit. Don’t burn those TDK anymore.

OP = original poster. That’s you :stuck_out_tongue:

DVD-R can’t be bitset to DVD-ROM. Your problem is not bitsetting. It is burn quality. You need to use better discs, then you should not experience any problems.

Try verbatim discs.

Damn Dragemester, you beat me to the answer! I coulda sworn I posted first. :a :stuck_out_tongue:

If the result scan quality with nero CD / DVD speed like this :

Good or Bad?

So, if I want to try other disc. DVD+R or DVD-R ?


That’s not a bad scan. The others are right though, try better media. Verbatim works for me, and they’re usually found pretty easily in regular stores. :slight_smile:

Another bit of advice - try searching you Pioneer model number on www.videohelp.com and see if there are any remarks saying which format it likes best (-R or +R).

Like the others I’d say it’s just a simple case of mediocre media though.

That Prodisc scan looks fine to me :eek:

Try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs to see if they solve you’re problems :iagree:

I get this disc and the result of the scan quality like this :

When I played with my player, the result is good ( not freeze and skipping ), though the result not too good.

I heard, I can crossflash my sony dru-820a to benq 1670 to get more reliable and the result more good.
Where I can download that file? Now I using firmware ver 1.0c.
If I crossflash to benq, can I return to sony dru 820a?

Why everytime I scan, I don’t get jitter result?


That result is pretty good, nothing wrong at all. The single large PIF spike is nothing to worry about. About the Benq crossflash, you should ask in the Benq forum, as they can help you more as its the right forum for Benq writer questions :slight_smile:

First pic or second pic?
But why the quality score is very low ( =57 ) ?

Quality score is based solely on PIF. One PIF spike above 4 when scanned on a Lite-On drive will kill the score (as in your case), but it will not affect playback.

How to crossflash sony dru-820a to benq 1670?
I have been searched in forum, but I can’t find.
I just found to update benq 1670 firmware ( not crossflash ).


So, factor what influencing the playback a dvd-video?
Because I get other result like this :

If I playback in DVD-player, sometimes freeze or skipping. Why?

Not sure how much difference it’ll make to the quality scans but 4x is the best scanning speed for your burner.