toolbar used to distribute malware

The toolbar that is bundled with Java has been used to distribute malware in December last year. The toolbar itself is often referred to as potentially unwanted software and it’s update functionality had been exploited by cybercriminals to infect users with malware.

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Do people still install this Ask crap?? It’s malware within it’s self.

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There something called "custom install’ or let me choose what to install-that is what one should be using now-days. It’s not like the old days anymore and those thinking so is in for a rude surprise.

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FYI, you can get to the screen in which programs are removed on any Windows version, regardless of whether you’re running 9x, 2k, XP, Vista, 7, or 8 by pressing CTRL+R, and then typing appwiz.cpl, and pressing enter. You can also type the same command in the Command Promt (cmd.exe).

PS: I strongly suspect this trick will also work on Windows 10, but I can’t say for sure, since i don’t have a Windows 10 machine to try it on.

Then you sir are one very fortunate person, IMO. :bigsmile:

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