Asian Imports?

:cop: Been looking for some DVD’s on Found some very cheap DVD’s. Like Police Academy all seven, collectorts edition for only $9.99.
They say it’s the chinese or Hong Kong. And that they are region 0, region free.
An original official DVD can’t be region free i think. China have region 6 and Hong Kong 3. So I wonder if they are pirated, though they say it’s original.]Ebay

Have a look at your self and prompt me what kind of discs they are. :cop:

no, they are probably not pirated, people seem happy. so u should give them a try.
e bay is after pirated copy, years ago, I have received pirated software. the website has been closed several months after.

usually DVD and software sold in asia, are only for ASIA and legally can not been resold to europe or USA.but do we really care as a customer? I do not!
so give a try and let us know!!!

I had been looking to purchase two full seasons of a popular USA Network TV show on ebay. I found it it real cheap as a brand new Chinese release. The description said it worked on NTSC Region 1 TVs and DVD players and the seller had high positive responses. It works great! The only problem I had was that it always starts with Chinese subtitles. So I have to go through the step of turning them off. Ofcourse I could re-author it and remove the subtitles, but I haven’t gotten around to that as it has a total of 14 DVDs. Expect the product packaging to be “cheaper” than the U.S. version. I would vote that you give it a try. Make sure you don’t get hammered for shipping and handling and expect to wait 2 - 3 weeks to receive it if it is being shipped from Asia.

I guess I will bid too, dont worry, I will not bid on the police academy…but it si a good idea to get the collections for 9$ plus 15$ for the shipping (25$ for 5 original disc, it is a very good deal, when here in europe, they charge us 90$).

any idea of what I should get, I am thinking of the simpson, maybe the startreck.I have already the starwars.

Isn’t region compliance voluntary?

They are plenty of these kinds of discs on ebay (Buffy, X Files, Star Trek etc).

They are not official DVD’s and are more or less bootlegs which are made in the DVD manufacturing factories unofficially.

The quality of them are usually vey bad and some have subtitles that cannot be turned off.

agreed … there are websites that sell they boots for a cheap price and are being resold on ebay for higher prices

I finnaly recieved my DVD. It was a fast shipment like 1-2 weeks. I haven’t watchet them but they seem originaly factory made and there are english copyrights text like all movies. I’m 99% sure that they are original.
It comes sealed and the box is really hard made to not be original.
But watch out there are sellers that sell bootlegs, this one seam not to be.

The total cost was 26.99 including insurance

Everything you need to know about asian imports


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This news item is rather timely. :cop:

I take this back. When I opened the box I got suspicious. Seven DVD’s just laying there witout any box. And one DVD was in an other colour on the surface. On back on the box there are 5.1 surround stated. But they have wrote it 5.1 surroud, sticky isn’t it.

But the DVD’s have an ifpi mark on the surface of the DVD. I have checked with my other original DVD movies and DVD-R… And all original DVD movies have this little mark inprinted around the hole on the back. Something DVD-R… don’t have.

I looked up what IFPI was and saw that it was some international MPAA mark.

Ok there is a chance they are original. But very bad manufactored and distrubuted. But indead they are suited for the chinese. :cop: