Ashampoo- You name the Price
Check this out, you can offer them whatever you want, they might accept.

Thank you for the link alan1476.

Thanks for the link.

I have never even heard of this company before, let alone any of thier software products.

Anyone have any experience with this company and thier products?



I’ve heard the name, but have never used any of their products. They have a free software wirewall that claims to offer really good protection with a very small footprint. It may well be worth a look. :wink:


AS burning application is very good. Small installation footprint. Not quite as sophisticated as Nero, but good enough for most users.

I installed the program (trial version) and a few days later they send me an e-mail offering it for $7.99USD. To good to pass up even though I had hardly used it.

I D/L ed Burning Studio last week.
I registered it, and they Emailed the Ser # for free.
I’ve burned about four or five DVD’s @ 16X, MCC 004 & T02’s on DVR 111 & NEC 3550.
As checked on Plex 760, all scans were "Excellent."
I’d have to do some real testing to truly make this claim seriously, but I would say, from what I saw, it’s better than nero… at least in PIF’s.
The only two things that I thought that were negetive were all the Blue Ray crap (NO!! I don’t want to burn a Blue Ray effing disc), and it doesn’t display actual burn rate (Of course nero doesn’t either unless you hack the registry).

Great little program, though.

It’s still available for free here:

will check this out…thanks much for the notice