aShampoo Question

Hi All, I just joined this forum. Wish I had found it a number of days ago.

I downloaded and tried aShampoo5 and liked it for it’s simplicity, so I purchased it.

While it is very easy to use, it no doubt has its limitations. One of which I would like to ask about now!

I see no way to get it to recognize my USB2 DVD burner (LG GSA 2154D) (I have a question about the burner, but that’s for another subject).

Is there a way to do that? If not, then the program is rather worthless to me.

Thanks for your help.



You mean Ashampoo Burning Studio? Is your drive recognized by any other burning application?

Yes Ashampoo BS is really cool but its simplicity does not allow much manipulation.

I downloaded a new set of drivers and now it recognizes the drive.