Ashampoo launches high-speed disk defragmentation tool

I just posted the article Ashampoo launches high-speed disk defragmentation tool.

Ashampoo has lunched its updated defragmentation tool, Ashampoo Magical Defrag 2.08, which automatically runs in the background when the PC is left idle, unlike the Windows based defragmentation tool…

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Bah! I forgot how long ago I last defragmented my discs and they seem to buzz along very nicely. Certainly a lot faster than required by high speed burning. The defragmentation thing is more myth than reality.

Only if you write large files like movies etc. But if you write lots of smaller files then fragmentation is a very real issue. Try writing hundreds of small files and you will see.

It would be nice to have a program automatically defrag but I can also schedule the Windows defragmentor.

What’s defrag? /me runs ext3 or ReiserFS

pls send me the code of for generating volume map graphically.