Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 vs Nero

After i am tired of Nero (i should have looked for alternatives sooner) i search this forum as well google to find good nero alternatives. First for burning images files i will now use imgburn who it’s free and when i realized that uses the DVD Decrypter engine and interface i was more than happy. Of course this program misses some features nero has and after some searching i ended up trialling Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.10. At first glance this program is more than superb, 21 MB package and has all the features i want for the rest of my burning needs besides image files.

The only thing that keeps me away from making the big step and completely replacing it with nero it’s i don’t know if this program has a good burning engine and produces good quality media. In the outside it looks and it is superb but what about the “inside”? I will be more than unpleased if i found that suddenly my burned media with ABS (no, not that kind of ABS in cars :bigsmile: ) stop working.

So the versus in the topic title it isn’t for the features nero and abs has but mainly for the burning engine.

Imgburn will burn anything other than Audio CDs , using the build mode. For Audio CDs Burrrn is often used by many (including myself).

The burn quality is primarily down to the burner , firmware , media & burning speed used rather than the “burn engine”.

Being a supporter of Burning Studio 7-I have NO issues with it. I have used both Roxio and Nero and will never reinstall either of them. In fact, I made sure that every reference in the Registry is gone. Why-because of InCD and DLA programs offered by these 2 companies-they simply cause more headaches than they are worth IMO. Ashampoo products are versatile, uypdated as needed, reasonably priced and very important use fewer resources to get the job done. Did I mention that Ashampoo has a marketing scheme that offers discounts.
I think you will find that the FREE trial is worth your time.
Good Luck