I just installed the Ashampoo 2007 cd/dvd burning software.
Now i get 3 second gaps between tracks.
How do i stop this happening ?
I use disc at once option .

I am not familiar with this application from Ashampoo. For that matter there is no listing for it on the website. If you are using the Trial or purchased Key of Ashampoo Burning Studio 6, you should not be experiencing this issue. Would be helpful to know-what burner and what are you trying to burn?
Just my experience.

its a NEC ND2500A
cheers mate

The NEC drive you have may require a Firmware upgrade. According to the review I just read, it does CD’s just fine. However, it is not current as to DVD burning speed. This may be part of your problem. The media you use can have a major impact on what happens during a burn. I have suffered in the past and now use ‘quality’ Verbatim discs that are meant for the speed of the drives I have (Sony). Please try both CD and DVD discs that are correct for this drive. Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 should recognize the drive without issues.