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Grifterspawn used our newssubmit to tell us something about a nice little program for saving videos on the web (you know… the ones you’re only supposed to play but not having them on your…

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Are there also programs for ripping RealMeadia streaming files ? I used to have a program which was capable of ripping .RM and .RAM files but it didn’t quite work with the stream-protection used by realmedia servers later on…

that’s great, but where is it ? :wink:

Where can i get ASF Ripper ??

Click on the word NEWSSUBMIT in the upper right of this post and you’ll see for yourself! :slight_smile:

I have been aware of this program for about 6 months now! It’s great, I use it all the time to download video clips from vidnet and others.

For some nice links/reviews/tutorials go to :slight_smile: But the site is only in Dutch:(

Hey DrJ… What Program Did You Used To Use To Rip RealMedia .RAM Files… Im Looking For A Program To Rip Live Radio Broadcasts, Does Anyone No Of one?.. Thanx :r

This lets low bandwidth people like me download the higher quality videos… A+++ Get this ! :g

Hey GEMiNi get sounforge and you’ll be able to rip anything of sound that goes through your soundcard :slight_smile:

Oops i mean SOUNDFORGE

no offense but I got this prog a year ago when cdfreaks reported it as asf recoder :slight_smile: Still seems like a lot of ppl dont know :4

Requests for grabbing realmedia - For a how to, your on your own; however: here’s the software: username: letmehave - password: thatfile - download the “streambox stuff” exe file.

I use streambox ripper for grabbing Real media files Version 2.009 is the last version that supports Real Audio i think. if anyone wants it and cant find i can post it somewhere? i spose…

What a fool i am! :g i actually use streambox VCR 1.0 beta 2 for ripping Real Audio files, i use Streambox Ripper 2.009 to turn the files into Mp3 or Wav files. :d

Can any of you post streambox VCR ? Seeing that RealNetworks has won a lawsuit against the company, it’s unavailable for download anywhere. I tried the filesanywhere website but it seems to be down at the moment. I know I’ve tried this program before but I was unable to capture some vids that way. I do want to try it again now… So if someone can post it somewhere… thanks!

i got it and will give it to you, but i need somewhere i can post it for anyone… Can anyone here piont me to where somewhere i can? cheers:4

Thanks to GEMiNi, i uploaded both Streambox Ripper & Streambox VCR to this page : get if you want em while there still around cheers GEMiNi :4

BTW anyone know of a good proggy to convert ASF to MPG or AVI? I tried virtualDub but get parse errors?

I realize FAW is pretty unpredictable these days, but I had posted Streambox VCR & Ripper at FAW for anyone to download. It’s in a RAR self-extracting file. See above… The username is LETMEHAVE & the password is THATFILE enjoy