ASF help

Okay now, first things first. I do need help with asf files, but not in the way you might think. My problem lies with the security of WMP 7+. Okay, I’ve found a site that streams full movies (most of them are crap, but still…free is free*) Allright, I can use ASFrecorder to download the “free” movies, and all is fine, I can view whenever I want, BUT the pay-per-view/preimum movies have some kind of security checking scheme (WMP 7 stats right after “opening media”–Acquiring License), then gives some BS about not being able to get the license, blah blah blah. Are there any programs to bypass this authentication, or a program that takes it off?

–the site is

I think I can give a link to the legal free streaming movie–that shouldn’t be a problem should it?

Warlock would be:

and the source :

note the movieid

Thats all of the info that I got, any help on removing this stupid auth. crap?

What i’ve allready tried: media player 6.4–doesnt work, gdivx gives an error, and WMP 7 wants it to be auth. Any help or advice? (its not too bad quality 700kps—but divx is still better)