ASF Conversion Speed Vs Quality

Hi all,

I have tested NeroAPI with converting ASF into VCD. By using Nero6, the conversion speed is quite reasonablly quick. However, after burning the VCD and play it on a 29" TV. The quality of the resulted picture has dramatically dropped.

Then I went back to Nero 5.5 and use the Nero Burning ROM to do the job. The speed is very slow but the quality of the resulted picture is much more reasonable.

I m wondering whether it will be any factors , properties , or any settings that I can adjust in the SDK to fine tune the conversion rate/speed.

Thanks in advance


No, sorry. It is not possible to adjust he conversion with the SDK.

Is the quality also low when burning the VCD with Nero Burning ROM 6? Which is the exact version number?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. I have tested the conversion with Nero Burning ROM 6 and the quality has no different compare to the SDK.

I have tested the conversion use Nero,,

From the log, it seems like there is a dramatic change in Nero engine (from 5.5 to 6) and the log shows it calls diferent function within the app/sdk.

Any advice will be appreciated

thanks in advance