ASF -> AVI or MPEG problems

I cannot for the life of me get a working conversion from ASF to either AVI or MPEG.

I use ASF tools to convert to AVI - Synch problem.
I use VirtualDUB 1.3c to convert to AVI - Synch problem.
I tried TMPGEnc Pro to convert to MPEG - Doesnt want to convert.

I dont know what else to try, Ive tried searching (CDFreaks and Google) and all I come up with was ‘use VirtualDUB 1.3c and all your ASF problems will go away’.

I read about the ASF format, and discovered that apparantly it doesnt have a constant framerate.

Prehaps thats why it goes out of synch. Or prehaps the video itself is stuffed up. There is a couple of parts where its out of synch near the start and about 1/2 way through the video. But I thought that it may be possible to put it back in synch with the video, somehow.

On the few ASF’s I’ve ever played with, ASF Tools and VD 1.3c (there is a 1.4c around also that suports ASF files) has always worked for me.

If the audio ends up out of sync, then have a read of to fix the problems in the converted mpg files.