ASAP: Firmware Update Failure

Hi everyone,
Could anybody help me with my DVD Writer problem. The firmware update failed and restarted automatically :doh: . After that the drive is not detecting any kind of cd or DVD :confused: , but it blinks when the system is started . Is there any solution software wise :bigsmile: (Preferable) or can give me solution which involves changing any chip replacing with new one :smiley: (along with guide). If possible could any of u guys give me the url for ckt diagram and working of ODD. Thanks in advance

Don’t you think it would be a good idea, to give us some more information about what drive you had and what firmware you were using for the update? :confused:

There are lots of experts in this forum, but only few people can read your mind.

Its Samsung TS-H552U (DVD Writemaster) and I was upgrading to firmware version 7 from version 1.

Go to and download the firmware for your drive but read first…

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This is for crossflash your drive but you can use it to revive it too…

you need 2 floppies

  1. DOS boot disk
  2. MTKFLASH.exe (1.83c), MTKFLASH.typ, and the US07.bin
    A very basic how-to:
  • create a DOS boot diskette

  • download Mtkflash and the binary file you want to flash, unzip them and copy to the diskette.

  • boot your machine from the diskette *, at the A:> type:

MTKFLASH # W /B /M filename.BIN

only instead of the # should be:

1 - if the drive is master on primary IDE
2 - for slave on primary
3 - master on secondary
4 - slave on secondary

and instead filename type the EXACT name of the binary file. (Zero is not the same as letter O)

Be VERY precise with spaces!

  • Hit the Enter and wait till process is finished. Remove diskette and reboot.

Did it work?

Llun, thanks dude it did work :slight_smile:

I`m happy that it worked. Please thank FatFeel and not me… :bow: :bow: :bow: FatFeel