As the Rolling Stones said

Please allow me to introduce myself…

One of your Senior Members, zaq, has mentioned here that I am “sad” for only having registered a month ago and having only 2 posts. I am sorry to have merited such as opinion from one so experienced and wise. I shall, of course, let the slight pass.

I’m dreadfully sorry if I come across as a newbie. So, I should introduce myself, to ensure that zaq and other members are aware that I am not impersonating anyone.

I am a supermoderator at Digital Digest with specific responsibilities for decrypting, authoring and editing and ImgBurn; the moderator of the Decrypting forum at doom9 (both places where we encourage constructive debate on the merits of alternative technologies), a beta team member for ImgBurn; and a beta tester for MenuShrink, FixVTS (what you good folks call AnyDVD Ripper), PgcEdit and VobBlanker.

Again, I am sorry if my low post count makes me a newbie.

As well, please accept my apologies for starting a new topic for this - I would have answered in thread but it was deemed necessary to close it. As well, mods, would you kindly move this thread if you deem that I am posting in an incorrect forum?

With best regards to all

don’t misquote me, especially from a closed thread
I sad it was sad that you were stirring things up in that particular post
especially if you were a mod somewhere else, as apparently you again are
not sad because of your low post count

supermoderator huh??

You opened a new thread just to get a new can of worms going
you may have the last word as I am not going to get into a P match with you
thank you for you kind insight

No, I am not sad because of my low post count here, actually, since post count and knowledge are hardly related.

zaq - forgive me, but the only people who were stirring thing up in the now closed thread, IMHO, were you and Dr Who. By your sarcasm, you inhibited what could have been an interesting conversation and IMHO, did an injustice not only to zavlakas but also to Slysoft.

Anyway, this thread was posted to set you straight in respect of me not impersonating anyone. Thank you for answering.

You may feel free to get the last word in.


Way off topic closing thread, please use the living room. For the record post count does not mean much its the quality that counts.