As the protections are getting better

and it is looking less likely that there will be 1:1 copies due to the CD Masters having strange track layouts that cannot (at the moment) be duplicated, is there no way of a loader being used,

When you write a UDF CD and put it on a machine that has no UDF reader support the CD tries to load its own reader by autorunning it on the CD, so what it looks like to me is that the CD autorun file is loading something into memory that alters the way the OS looks at the CD, a bit like a real-time virtual drive,

and this got me speculating: Daemon Tools is basically a loader, something that runs and fools the OS into accepting the CD as a genuine article even when running from ISO,

is there no way to have a backup program that has a loader added to the front of the image and the OS sees this file and loads it, this then loads the rest of the CD like a virtual drive but adding the necessary parameters to fool the Software it is running on a genuine copy, so when you copy the disc it selects the correct front end loader to run the software, and burns it to the backup with the rest of the protected sotware,

just crazy thoughts bouncing around in my head whilst waiting for CD 3 to Download and I’m sure there are a million and one reasons why this is not plauseable but I need to mention it to see just how stir crazy I am.

P.S. I know patches and loaders can already be used to get around the protections, but I am talking about a way of not altering the original CD image just fooling the installed Game / Software, as I understand it this is pretty much what Deamon Tools does.