AS-STRIKER Utility by Plextor

Despite the vanishing of the Plextor Premium series burners,
Plextor Japan has published a new utility called « AS-Striker »

I has to do with changing the settings for AUTOSTRATEGY.

Direct download links:

I do not understand japanase but I am sure the experts here at cdfreaks are going to tell us all the details about this new tool …
First does it only work with the PX-760A/SA (firmware 1.05 & after) ?

対応ドライブ PX-760シリーズ(ファームウェア 1.05以上)
Here is a babelfish translation:

Great Find Franz99 :clap: :clap: :clap:

One Thing That I’ve Already Spot Is That AS-STRIKER Shows CMC Media ID’s Correctly, Better Than The Likes Of PlexTools Pro XL.

No it doesn’t. It shows more characters of the CMC media codes but it cuts off the last character.


CMC MAG. AM3 becomes:

CMC MAG. AM-1 for the first entry,
CMC MAG. AM-2 for the second entry,
and so on.

I’m not currently on the desktop system where AS Striker is installed, so I can’t show you any screenshots.

Thanks DrageMester

Sorry Got Too Excited And A Bit Of Wishful Thinking. :o

DAXON AZ3-0 Reported In PlexTools Pro XL v3.12 :confused:

After all this time trying (since dec 2003) … I am happy that I finaly found something to start a thread !

Did somebody else get these “funny windows” during the install process ?

Is it possible to fix this by adding a language plug-in in Windows XP SP2 ?
After the install my AS-Striker seems tu run without japanese characters or ???

That’s Odd :eek:

I Download The Zip Version:

I Choose English In The Installation.

An other question, is your AS-Striker Help file also empty ?
saying: « Sorry, not ready yet »

Same here.

@franz99: Did you by any chance choose Japanese as the installed language?

Yes, my help file is also empty.

No one seems to have noticed that I posted info on AS-Striker in the Firmware and utility announcement thread :frowning:

I did :slight_smile:

Can’t find my 760A…
I have VIA KT-400 chipset and hyperion 5.11A drivers

Motherboard manufacturers’ IDE drivers are problematic with optical drives anyway.
Try with the Microsoft drivers. :slight_smile:

Same problem here (Asus P4G8x, Intel ICH4 with MS drivers).

ok i resolve this problem…this is not driver problem…it’s apllication bug. When i press on drive select-list i have error, but when i manually enter the drive (760a) letter eg. h: than work ok.

Thia@9 had to manually enter his drive letter as well. The utility detected all of my drives fine (Asus P5B Deluxe, Intel P965+ICH8R with Intel Matrix Storage).

I had the same problem with the drive letter. After entering manually it shows the drive. But it doesn’t show any of my AS entries that I can see through Plextools.

I reinstalled the IDE driver and now it works. I don’t know why because i just reinstalled the same (original M$) driver. I am glad it works now and other 760 drives can be outfitted with a complete database now.

EDIT: I have an idea: Maybe initate a new thread dealing with sharing AutoStrategy databases?

I found next bug in as striker.
I save to file my strategies (16x and 8x) but when i deleted from the drive and import from this file all speed is set to 6x (1.3 KB)

I experienced the same problem. :iagree:

[QUOTE=franz99]Despite the vanishing of the Plextor Premium series burners,
Plextor Japan has published a new utility called [B] « AS-Striker » [/B]QUOTE]

Correct me if I’m wrong. Plextor did a press release which made clear that there is no intention to leave the optical drive business. It has not been said that there will be no new premium burner.