As promised: My Perosnal Test-results Nero 5 build 50

A while ago I was complaining about Nero 6 and it’s numerous bugs. A big one was the overburning-problem; even after installing the patch, I couldn’t burn more than 650MB on a 700MB or 800MB CD.

Nero also caused my drive not to burn at 16 speed anymore.
Formatting is the only option.

One forum member told me that this Nero problem of overburning already was an issue in version 5 build 50.
I should try this version and see that I will not be able to burn anything near 680MB on a 700MB CD without overburning enbaled.

I recently downloaded this version and I must say it runs like a train, burning 698MB files on a 700MB CD without overburning enabled!:wink: